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    Bpos Mini – Mobile POS Terminal

    The miniBpos is designed to replace any existing cell phone POS devices used specifically for electronic transactions. It gives full control and better security to the network operator and delivers an improved user experience to the customer. Even USSD applications become fast & easy to operate.

    • 2.0 TFT
    • Quad band
    • Dual simcard
    • Java 2.0
    • GPRS Terminal
    • USSD Terminal
    • Micro SD card slot
    • 64 Mb flash
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    We design and manufacture on demand any kind of accesories for our products and for any other available product on the market.
    We focus on low cost and high quality products. We design according to customer’s requirement and the most advanced industry’s standard.


Bpos1 – GPRS POS terminal

With the simplest configuration and user interface available in the market, Bpos is the perfect GPRS POS terminal for large scale and affordable implementation of electronic products distribution (ex. EVD, prepaid airtime, etopup).
Low cost, durable & ergonomic, the Bpos is a powerful GPRS terminal which allows online and interactive  transactions management with GSM technology. Its powerful technology combines standard cell phone functions, like phone calls, data transaction (USSD, GPRS and SMS), and basic POS functions and GPRS micro browser application for fast deployment of new products and transactions.
BPOS GPRS Browser allow to implement immediately transactions like air time sale, EVD (electronic voucher distribution) and any prepaid products sale.

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